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What We Do

Bespoke Software Development

We build a variety of bespoke software across a range of industries

Each software solution is fully tailored to suit the needs of the customer

Our Agile approach to software development means you involed in each step of the process


We have a history of building solutions for specific industry problems. From which we have built up domain expertise we can rely on

Our domain expertise includes, but not limited to:

Logistics Solution Development

Supply Chain development at large scale

Business message and e-invoicing services and standards

Technology Consulting

We are experienced technology sector consultants

We cover everything from improving IT efficiency to setting technology standards

Who We Are

About US

Founded in 2008 by a father & son based. We currently operate out of Dublin and Sligo, Ireland

We combine our 40+ years' experience with innovative technologies to provide successful software solutions to businesses in all sectors and locations

Edmund Gray


30 years Software Systems Design, Application Development and Project Management.

20 years integrating disparate systems using Business Messaging Standards from UBL, UN/CEFACT and ISO such as Invoice and Order.

Shane Gray


15 years bespoke software development

Team Setup & Coaching

Mobile App, Portal & Systems development

Specializes in developing holistic solutions for the Logisitics and Fintech sectors

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